Title: Invisible dances for everyday survivors
Work: collective booklet by Choreographic Translations
Location: Rotterdam
Date: 2022

Independently Published by Choreographic Translations

Paperback: ISBN 978909036819

Written by Choreographic Translations temporary collective: Şiva Canbazoğlu, Fernanda González Morales, Alberto Granados Reguilón and Marta Wörner Sarabia.

Edited by Fernanda González Morales, Alberto Granados Reguilón, Marta Wörner Sarabia

Designed by Nikos Ten Hoedt

Produced by Fernanda González Morales and Marta Wörner Sarabia

Project direction by Marta Wörner Sarabia

With the finantial support of

Stichting Droom en Daad

Did you ever think words could dance? Invisible dances for everyday survivors is a booklet that bets on it.
Playing with words, concepts, and our minds, this booklet invites us to connect in surprising and unreasonable ways to ourselves, others, and the space around us. As the title suggests we try living in this world but we often manage only to survive; those conditions of survival and contingency are, according to this text, the basis of great choreography. The chapters become a map to inhabit our skin, and the texture of the world, differently. A guide to help disrupt our assumed relationship with the world and a pool of ideas to reimagine what those relations could become. In between paranoia, calmness, and wilderness, the words in this booklet play out an improvisation in our minds:  what could this new world look/feel/sound/dream like?